Welcome to Quantum Oregon

We Grow The Highest Quality Cannabis

Beginning from seeds, we carefully and continually harvest flower with you in mind

Quantum - Oregon and Quantum Alchemy are growers and processors of exceptionally fine and pure cannabis. The unique strains we have are the result of years of fine tuning and selecting the best phenotypes of each strain's mother and father genetic lineage. Detail is paid to the growing process and highly skilled technicians lovingly care and nurture for the flower in our state -of-the art indoor production facility. Nothing but pure water and nutrients, and love, are ever given to them!

Flower not used for top-shelf bud is processed into various products at Quantum Alchemy. Everything from Budder, Shatter, Live Resin, Terp Sauce, Diamonds, Pre-Rolls, and other tempting products

We realize you have a choice with your cannabis dollar. Each and every day we wake up dedicated to providing you with

The Best Cannabis At The Best Value